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  There are many types of screen protectors on the market, each with its own specific advantages. The anti-blue film is highly transparent and can be used to rent ultraviolet and blue light. Because of its ultra-thin thickness, the TPU protective film can protect the screen while having a sensitive touch. The tempered film has a hardness of 9H, which makes the screen scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant. Anti-fall protection functions; Monitor privacy screen has the advantage of reducing the viewing angle and protecting personal privacy. Today editor introduces you how to choose a monitor privacy screen!



  The monitor privacy screen utilizes the principle of louver polarizing, which limits the perspective of anyone trying to get the screen information. When choosing a privacy film, we should proceed from the following aspects.


  1. Image Transmittance: This is one of the main aspects that should be paid attention to when purchasing a computer anti-spy film. There are a lot of anti-peep films on the market that darken your screen so that you can't even see it yourself. Therefore, the higher the light transmittance provided by the filter, the better. (YIPI's anti-spy film can provide 70% transmittance, which is nearly 5% higher than most other brands)



  2. Anti-spy film size: Choosing the right size for your computer screen is the most important step when people buy a privacy film. Most people measure the screen by length or from the corner frame to the corner frame. The best way to measure the correct size is to measure the corners of the screen in inches and then measure the length and width of the screen (excluding the border). Most peep-proof film brands have a size chart that you follow. If you are not sure what size you need, you can consult our online customer service.



  3. Matte and glossy choices: Standard computer anti-spy films have only glossy surfaces that provide more privacy but increase glare on the screen. So if you sit in a window facing the sun, you will find it hard to see your screen. YIPI can provide a peep-proof film with one side as a glossy side and the other side as a matte side. The matte finish still offers 30 degree privacy and provides anti-glare to reduce glare from the sun or light on the screen.



  4. Installation: The most popular one is the double-sided transparent strip that will prevent the peep into your screen, making the anti-spy film easy to disassemble and reinstall without leaving any sticky residue on your screen. YIPI monitor privacy screen provide double-sided adhesive and adhesive labels that are attached to the border of the screen.

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