Privacy Filter For Laptop
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Computer Privacy Screen Protector, Protect Your Screen Information

Product Specification:

  • Product Color: light blue
  • Product Size: Surface Pro or touch screen
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Physical Properties of Privacy Filter
Parameter item Unit Standard Tolerance Remark
Total thickness um 40 ±20 Micro meter
Viewing angle degree 60° ±10° Viewing angle checker
Deviation angle degree ±2°
Transmittance % % >70 ±10 Sample measured value
Surface hardness/ASTMD 3363 H 3   3
Surface resistivity Ω/square  ≤ 10E ±13  
Colour   Black    
Operating temperature (-)35℃  (+)65℃    high-low temperature test
Structural layer thickness um 150 ±5 150
Anti - glare layer surface roughness um 0.275 ±0.055  0.275
Structure spacing um 60 ±2 60
High temperature durability test   70℃  500 hours  

Optical properties didn't change significantly, does 

not affect the normal use.

High humidity durability test   40℃ 95% RH 500 hours  


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