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China Premium Laptop Privacy Filter 14 inch Silk Printing with Glue Edge

Product Specification:

  • Product Color: light blue
  • Product Size: Surface Pro or touch screen
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◎ What is Privacy Filter?

Privacy filter, also called a privacy screen protector or a monitor filter, is designed to protect a laptop or the screen of a desktop monitor from prying eyes and shoulder surfers. They decrease the viewing angle, allowing only the person sitting immediately in front of the screen, typically the user, to view the contents of the screen. Privacy filters (Privacy Screen Protector) fit directly above a monitor screen and attach securely in front. Privacy filters also reduce radiation and glare generated from LCD and CRT computer monitor displays.

◎ Specification Details

Physical Properties of Privacy Filter
Parameter item Unit Standard Tolerance Remark
Total thickness um 40 ±20 Micro meter
Viewing angle degree 60° ±10° Viewing angle checker
Deviation angle degree ±2°
Transmittance % % >70 ±10 Sample measured value
Surface hardness/ASTMD 3363 H 3   3
Surface resistivity Ω/square  ≤ 10E ±13  
Colour   Black    
Operating temperature (-)35℃  (+)65℃    high-low temperature test
Structural layer thickness um 150 ±5 150
Anti - glare layer surface roughness um 0.275 ±0.055  0.275
Structure spacing um 60 ±2 60
High temperature durability test   70℃  500 hours  

Optical properties didn't change significantly, does 

not affect the normal use.

High humidity durability test   40℃ 95% RH 500 hours  

◎ Certification Details


Installation Tips 

        1 , Before application, ensure that your monitior are              2 ,  Peel Off the protective film befor installation                                         

             free from dusty and oil.   

       3 , Peel off the latop privacy filter from the white panel           4 ,  Place the privacy filter onto your monitor and press

                                                                                                              the edge to fix it 


Q : How about your leading time after the payment and the shipment methods? 

A : 3 ~ 5 days for small quantities; 5 ~ 7 days for large quantites. Usually the items will be delivered by international express : DHL, UPS, Fedex ect. Other methods are available, please send us inquiry to know more about details.


Q :  If I am interested in your Laptop Privacy Filter and want to take some samples, how about your samples policy? 

A:  Yes, welcome the samples testing. Our Samples Policy :  free samples with package you prefer, only courier charges are on account of customers.


Q : Is it possible to make our own customized package, such as pritning my logo and artwork?

A: Sure, Customized Package service is available. If you have these format of your logo : PDF, CDR, AI ect, Please send us and please contact us to know more details of OEM package.


Q : Do you offer the laptop privacy filter or privacy screen protector with size customer offer, not the exact size like the market devices? 

A : Certainly Sure, We also have our own Cutting machine to cut any size you need. Just provide us the exact size you need.


◎ Warranty

Our warranty is one year, after you receive the goods or when you are selling, if you find any failure ones, please just take the pictures or videos and send to us, as long as we confirm it then we will replace the new ones for you without returning.

Any questions please feel free to contact us, 7*24 hours for you !!!

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