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Acrylic blue light filter for pc

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-06-20 09:12:10

  The visible light in the range of 400 nm to 500 nm is blue light, and this range of visible light is high in energy and is very dangerous. Outdoor sunlight, screens of mobile phones and computers display a variety of visible and invisible light that contains dangerous high-energy blue light. Now, let the editor introduce you to the harm of blue light and the efficacy of acrylic anti-blue film.

  Since the main source of blue light is from sunlight, there is no doubt that this high-energy blue light is present in every corner of the universe. However, it should be noted that the display screen of computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. will emit a lot of high-energy blue light. In addition, our human eyes are not enough to withstand the radiation of blue light. Blue light can reach the sensitive retina of your eye, and prolonged contact can cause damage to the retina, which can lead to diseases like macular degeneration and can lead to permanent vision loss.

  In addition, when you look at the screen of your computer or any other electronic device for a long time, scattered, unfocused blue light can easily cause eye strain. Therefore, I hope that everyone can pay attention to the damage caused by the blue light emitted by the computer notebook, mobile phone and other screens. If you have to face the computer all day, then I hope you can buy an acrylic computer anti-blue film to protect your health and care for your eyes!

  Acrylic computer anti-blue film can block the high-energy blue light of visible light and prevent a lot of harmful blue light from passing through your eyes. At the same time, the acrylic anti-blue film has a transmittance of 93%, so it does not affect the clarity of the display. Acrylic computer anti-blue film with 5H hardness can protect your computer screen from scratches. The new computer anti-blue film adopts imported 2MM acrylic material, which is equipped with hanging installation, which can be used at any time to replace the computer. At the same time, it can block the heat problem caused by radiation and better protect the computer! Our contact information is 13433007870!

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