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The core technology of the anti-peep film material uses micro-blind optical technology, so that the display screen has only the front and side visibility within 30 degrees, the front is clearly visible, and from the side angle of 30 degrees left and right, you can not see any screen content. Prevent prying eyes and protect business secrets and personal privacy. The most basic materials of privacy film are divided into privacy base material and privacy ab glue. Other styles of privacy film are processed or combined from these two materials.

(1) The PET anti-peep film substrate adopts high-definition anti-peep substrate (pet blinds anti-peep structure), single-sided coated silicone layer die cut various sizes, the light transmittance is higher than similar products and the anti-peep effect is more obvious , Can be directly fitted to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, bank ATMs, LED LCD screens and other sizes.

(2) Anti-peep ab glue (double-sided tape), apply a glue layer on both sides of the ultra-thin anti-peep film base material, apply a silicone layer on one side, low viscosity, and apply a high-viscosity OCA optical adhesive layer on the other side, The release surface is medium peeling force, and it is mostly used for anti-peep steel film for mobile phones.

Classification of anti-peep film materials
In addition to the basic anti-peeping effect, it also has stable temperature resistance and chemical resistance; strong adsorption function, fast exhaust and easy peeling; high-strength shock resistance, buffer hammering, explosion-proof to prevent the screen from breaking; high front Transparency, can maintain a clear portrait, durable and other characteristics.

So what are the classifications of anti-peep films on the market? How are they distinguished?

① Divided by stickiness: anti-peep film with glue, anti-peep film without glue;

②Divided by color: there are golden privacy film, black privacy film, and transparent privacy film;

③According to the thickness: 0.37mm privacy film, 0.42mm privacy film, 0.45mm privacy film, 0.47mm privacy film, 0.55mm privacy film, 0.59mm privacy film;

④Divided by function: ordinary anti-peep film, anti-glare anti-peep film, anti-peep anti-blue light film, touch anti-peep film, anti-radiation anti-peep film, water-washed anti-peep film;

⑤According to the anti-peep angle: 45 ° anti-peep film, 30 ° anti-peep film, left and right 180 ° anti-peep film, up and down and left and right 360 ° anti-peep film;

⑥According to the installation method: adhesive anti-peep film, snap anti-peep film, magnetic anti-peep film, hanging anti-peep film, anti-peep film with glue, electrostatic adsorption anti-peep film;

⑦Materials are divided into: steel anti-peep film, TPU anti-peep film, PET anti-peep film, acrylic anti-peep film;

⑧According to the use: computer screen anti-peep film, notebook anti-peep film, test room anti-peep film, mobile phone anti-peep film, ATM anti-peep film, tablet anti-peep film, POS anti-peep film and various screen anti-peep membrane.

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2016, October Asia - Word  Consumer Electronic Expo in Hong Kong!

2016, October Asia - Word  Consumer Electronic Expo in Hong Kong!

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2016  April Asia - Word  Consumer Electronic Expo in Hong Kong!

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