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Introduction of the optical privacy screen protector

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  A computer is a very easy way to provide information, but some voyeurs are also very easy to see the information on the screen. For most office workers, it’s not important for colleagues to see the content on their computer screen, but what if the boss sees that they are doing what they should not do? For those who use confidential information (such as trade or marketing secrets) Even the payroll information), the staff was peeked at by others and it was a very unpleasant experience. The computer optical privacy screen protector produced by the 10-year-old manufacturer can help you avoid such risks!

  People who use computers on airplanes and trains are often seen by neighboring strangers on the screen. But this is human nature. Ask who is not trying to sneak a peek at the computer screen of the person sitting next to them? Optical privacy screen protector can prevent neighbors from seeing information on your screen; it is placed on the computer screen. A plastic polarizer that prevents the screen from being seen at any angle other than 90 degrees from the front.

  The YIPI produces optical privacy screen protector of all shapes and sizes that can fit any screen, be it LCD or CRT monitors or laptops. You only need to choose the right size for your monitor, then use a transparent adhesive label to mount it on the display bezel. The privacy film not only keeps your information safe, it also reduces glare and protects the LCD screen from scratches.

  Before ordering a privacy film, you need to determine the exact size and aspect ratio of your monitor. The YIPI also has a privacy-proof film for the iPad. But since the iPad can switch between portrait and landscape display modes, the anti-spy film can only work in one direction, so you must choose a vertical or horizontal format for anti-theft.

  The YIPI has been focusing on the development and production of privacy screen protector for 10 years. All materials are imported from Japan. All processes are completed by automated machines to ensure that each product has no defects. Our advantage over our peers is that we have our own R&D. Team, we have a complete set of testing equipment, each of our products has undergone rigorous testing and quality control by quality inspection engineers, we provide 24-hour dedicated after-sales service! Our telephone number is 13433007870!

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How does the privacy screen protector work?

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