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Knowledge about mobile phone nano anti-spy film

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  In the information age, privacy security has become an important issue that plagues people. As a carrier for storing most of our private information, mobile phones are critical to our privacy. In daily life, we may cause privacy information to be leaked or sneaked in public. For example, use it to send and receive intimate information, check mobile banking accounts, see male and female pictures, sexy movies; especially some high-end businesses. People, if some important business information is leaked or sneaked, it may cause great losses to the company. In this case, YIPI launched mobile phone nano anti-spy film.

  The mobile phone nano anti-spy film features:

  1. Using physical optics and polarizing technology, after the anti-spy film is attached to the LCD screen, the screen has only the visibility of the front side and the side within 30 degrees, so that the screen is clearly visible from the front, but not visible from the side 30 degrees or so. Any content on the screen protects trade secrets and personal privacy to the greatest extent possible.

  2.90% block UV rays and protect your eyes from UV rays. The reflectivity is 5.8%, which reduces the surface reflection of the illumination/external light.

  3. The surface is coated with a silicon coating on the surface. The silicon coating has the characteristics of bonding and then separating, leaving no traces and re-joining. This product does not require any glue when it is pasted, does not produce bubbles, and can be repeatedly pasted to prevent warm reflection and prevent glare caused by sunlight, fluorescent lights, etc.

  4. Prevent reflective glare, can effectively protect your eyes, reduce electromagnetic radiation, and you are healthy and environmentally friendly; the outer surface layer of this anti-spy protection sticker is treated with super abrasion-resistant scratch-resistant coating, the hardness reaches 5H, which can effectively prevent scratching , anti-stain, fingerprints and dust, to protect your love machine from external damage to the greatest extent.

  5. Anti-static, dust-proof

  6. Suitable for panel protection of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, navigators, meters, LCDs, etc.

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