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Meeting with YIPI in 2020 Las Vegas CES International Consumer Electronics Show

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      In 2020, the YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED will participate in the 53rd International Consumer Electronics Show, which is the CES show, at the Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 7th to 10th. CES is the world's largest and most influential technology event, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). As the world's largest consumer electronics show, CES covers all aspects of the industry, attracting leaders in the global technology industry and other industries from 155 countries.

      CES exhibits range

      1. Consumer electronics: smart cities, smart homes, artificial intelligence and robotics, travel technology, drones, VR / AR and games, smart mothers and babies, sleep technology, smart wearables, medical health and healthcare, sports technology, 3D Printing, accessible facilities, high-tech retail, advertising, marketing, content and entertainment, corporate solutions, IoT infrastructure, Apple accessories, 3C accessories, home theaters, LCD TVs, Bluetooth products, smart sensors, electronic gifts, e-books , Electronic cigarettes, various lamps, electronic musical instruments, electronic entertainment products, audio and video, etc.

      2. Communication products and accessories: transmission equipment such as mobile phones, communication software and hardware, communication cables and optical cables; wireless devices and services, computers (personal computers, notebooks, PAD), computer accessories and parts, digital electronics, mobile phone accessories, network products , Peripherals and accessories.

      3. Automotive electronics products: autonomous driving technology, driverless cars, vehicle technology, navigation products, on-board audio and video products and other related products.

      4. Related electronic components and electronic materials: batteries, sockets, electronic components, components, wires, cables, etc.

      5. New materials and new energy products: Graphene materials and related products, new technologies such as energy saving and environmental protection, new energy products, etc.

      6. Photographic equipment: digital cameras, video cameras, professional non-professional cameras, camcorders, software printing equipment, photo printing equipment, color amplifiers, digital film holders, scanners, etc.

      As a manufacturer of computer monitor privacy screen and blue light filter for computer & TV for ten years,YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED will be with you at the booth 61108 of CES 2020. At the same time everyone is welcome to visit YIPI's Chinese official website:  English official website: Alibaba Chinese website:  Alibaba International website: 。

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