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Monitor privacy screen filter raw material manufacturer

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  The monitor privacy screen filter is a protective film that protects the privacy of the individual. Using the optical principle technology of Microlouver, which is unique in the world, it realizes anti-peeping effect like blinds, so that others who are about 30 to 60 degrees away from the left or right side of the front view angle cannot see the screen. The content on it effectively protects trade secrets and personal privacy. Whether it's work, study, communication or entertainment, it makes you more comfortable with your computer and mobile phone. It can also help the company's senior business people, lawyers, consultants, financial personnel, etc. to avoid the leakage of screen information when using computers. loss.


  Inspection method for the appearance of the monitor privacy screen filter: Under the standard light source with an ambient brightness of 800~1000 Lux, tear off the two-sided protective film, take the anti-peep film through the protective film in one hand, hold the anti-peep film edge in one hand, and hold the anti-peep film in one hand. The two sides parallel to the louver layer are inspected for defects in the surface of the anti-peep film.


  The advantages of the monitor privacy screen filter produced by YIPI:


  1. High light transmittance, which is not comparable to the "anti-peep film" made of black film and polarizer.


  2. Regardless of the front side or the side side, the naked eye observes no streaks and there is no unevenness.


  3. The supply is stable. The new one has the industry's top ultra-precision processing machine (imported engraving machine, far more than Taiwan), two imported optical micro-structure transfer production lines, so it has the strength to supply anti-peek film raw materials, and with standardized coils and Sheet shipments.


  The current specifications of the YIPI monitor privacy screen filter:


  The louver structure has a width of 500mm and a length of 100m. The substrate is divided into a matte PC with a thickness of 188um and a glossy PET with a thickness of 100um (all scratch-resistant), and the total thickness after the structural layer is 360um and 260um.


  The louver structure layer composite AB glue (inner acrylic adhesive louver structure film, outer silicone belt release film) can be used for die-cutting mobile phone anti-spy film. This material can be shipped directly as a coil or punched into 500mm x 500mm sheets.


  The louver structure layer composite PET film can be used for die-cutting computer anti-spy film. This kind of material is not easy to bend because it is hard. It is usually sold in sheets. Each sheet is 500mm wide and the length can be made according to customer requirements, generally 1.1 meters, 1.2 meters and so on.


  The YIPI focuses on the development and production of monitor privacy screen filter, and has an independent engineer design team. We have the ability to solve various problems and difficulties encountered in the production of anti-peep film. At present, we have cooperated with many famous brands around the world, welcome to contact us 13433007870!

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