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Shenzhen YIPI Eelectronic Limited Travel Notice


In order to thank all the staff for their unremitting efforts for the company's development, to enhance the cohesiveness of employees, and to let employees relax in their busy work, the company decided to have a passionate drifting activity in the hot summer days. The tourism related matters are arranged as follows:
First, travel time: August 9th - August 10th, 2018
Second, the tourist location: Qingyuan
Third, the itinerary:
Day 1: Reservoir big fish (for lunch) - Huangtengxia rafting - Jubilee Forest Hot Spring
Day 2: Red does not let Grand View Garden - Niu Yuzui Adventure (Stunning Glass Bridge, Flying Dragon Slide) - Crystal Bomb Field - Self-help picnic - return to Shenzhen (14:00-16:00)
Fourth, travel collection time / location:
Time: Morning (time tentative) Location: Near the company
5. Employees who meet the following conditions can register


1. Work for 3 months, excellent work, free of charge
2. If the work is less than 3 months or the work performance is outstanding in the recent week, if you contribute to the company, you need to pay 100 yuan/person at your own expense.
Those who meet the above requirements shall be reported to the company according to the actual situation and submitted to the registration form, and reported to the personnel department at 18:00 on August 6.
Six, note:
1. Please bring your ID card, prepare for motion sickness and bring good sun protection and rainproof products. Pay attention to personal finance and personal safety during the game, and make civilized, safe and happy travel.
2. This tour is “with group tour”, and all the staff are required to obey the tour guide and the tour leader during the tour, and must not leave the team alone.
3. The travel expenses (fare, meals, attractions tickets) 410 yuan / person, employees of the family members are willing to participate in this event (only 1 person), you are responsible for all costs, for security reasons, this tour It is forbidden to bring children.

4. The second day of the trip, the glass bridge will cost 60 yuan per person.
5. Due to the changing weather, please be sure to bring your own rain gear and clothing.
6. This tour activity company is one of the welfare plans for employees. The registration is signed by the employee himself, and those who do not participate in the activity do not enjoy any subsidies.


Hereby notice!



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