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YIPI 2019 annual travel event has come to a successful conclusion

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-08-12 15:27:14

  In order to thank the staff of the new team for their hard work, enrich the staff's spare time, improve the company's welfare, enhance the team's cohesiveness and motivate employees' enthusiasm for work, the annual company tour of YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED was carried out on August 10, 2019. A 2-day trip to Huizhou Beach Resort & Spa. The staff of this trip experienced unlimited travels such as soaking hot springs, water parks, floating without gravity, sea sightseeing, speedboat treading, etc., and tasting the farmer's picnic + large pots, fish, shrimp and crab feast + blue and white porcelain plate Baoshen Bird seafood banquet and other food.



  At 9 o'clock on the 10th, I dressed up in the beautiful car to Huizhou Liwan. At 11 o'clock, I arrived at Tianhou Temple and watched the "Strait Goddess" and "Goddess of Peace" Mazu. Mazu culture is a symbol of the Chinese nation's spiritual culture. At 12 noon, the team leader led the team members to receive ingredients, catch chickens, kill fish, etc. A delicious meal was served in a relaxed atmosphere.



  After checking in at the beachfront hot spring resort at 2 pm, the friends are free to go to the beach hot springs to enjoy the two days of ice and fire; after nourishing the hot springs, they taste the prestigious Huizhou Sambo and raw seafood. Enjoy a colorful nightlife at 7pm.



  After breakfast at 9:00 the next morning, go to the pier for a boat trip to the sea, let the friends experience the thrill of riding the waves at sea; after lunch at 12 noon, return to Shenzhen after a pleasant trip.



  The two-day trip ended successfully. This event not only enriched the cultural life of the employees, but also made YIPI family more harmonious. It also made everyone feel the warmth and care of the company and enhanced the team's cohesiveness. In the days to come, all employees will treat their work and life with more enthusiasm.

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