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YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED National Day Holiday Notice

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-09-23 14:15:16

  Shenzhen YIPI Electronic Limited has been focusing on the development and production of privacy filters and blue light filter manufacturers for 10 years. In order to celebrate the National Day, according to the spirit of the notice of the General Office of the State Council and the specific situation of our company, the timing of our National Day holiday is as follows:

  1. A holiday from September 30 to October 6, 2019, for a total of 7 days. Among them, 3 days for legal holidays, 2 days for Saturdays and Sundays, 2 days for retreat; details for retreat: September 21, normal work to October 4, September 29, normal work until September 30;

  2.The holiday time of the second and second floor production workshops is determined according to the order situation of the next week, and is subject to notification.

  3. During the National Day holiday, if there is another leave, it must be approved by the immediate supervisor and the work has been arranged to clear the leave. Any leave that has not been approved will be dealt with as soon as possible.

  Remind all employees to pay attention to the following points during the holiday:

  1. All departments should organize a safety inspection before the holiday, conduct a comprehensive safety self-examination, and eliminate all safety hazards. Including: the room that does not leave people need to lock the doors and windows, the unused equipment should be cut off the power; the equipment used continuously should be assigned to be on duty to ensure the safety of use; important items should be kept safely, pay attention to fire and anti-theft.

  2. During the holidays, all departments should properly arrange the work on duty, safety and security, and conduct a safety education for the duty officers. The staff on duty should abide by the company system and raise safety awareness. In case of major emergencies, they should report in time according to regulations. And properly disposed of.

  3. all departments must strengthen the management of warehouse items before the festival, and strictly enforce the regulations for the management of storage and storage.

  4. do a good job in vehicle safety management, and strictly approve the use of holiday vehicles. Drivers should abide by traffic rules and pay attention to driving safety. It is strictly forbidden to drive after drunk driving, fatigue driving, and overspeed overload driving.

  5. Employees who go out to go home to visit relatives, pay attention to the safety of the road, and purchase return tickets in time to prevent delays after work due to tight tickets.

  6. Wishing all the staff of the YIPI to spend the National Day holiday peacefully.

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