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YIPI group construction activity notice

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-11-22 14:53:56

Received by: Departments

Issued by: Administrative Personnel Department

Date of issue: November 21, 2019

Theme: Mission Building (Autumn Tour) Event Notice

YIPI all small partners:

  On the day of the autumn, in order to increase the emotional exchanges between new and old employees and cross-departmental employees, and to improve team cohesion and collaboration, the company decided to organize team activities this Saturday (11.23) from 13:00-18:00.

  The specific activities are arranged as follows:

  1. Venue: Guangming Town Happy Garden (see the company WeChat group location and photos)

  2. Participants in the event: all employees of the company

  3. Travel mode: See the follow-up company WeChat group notification for details.

  4, departure time: 12:30 first floor set off, 13:20 attractions collection count

  Other tips:

  1. This activity is a collective activity for working hours. All personnel must participate in the principle. Non-production employees who are unable to participate due to personal reasons must write a leave request one day in advance;

  2. All production personnel participate in this activity without overtime pay, but the attendance salary is calculated. If it is not possible to participate due to personal reasons, it is necessary to write the leave one day in advance, regardless of the attendance salary and the overtime pay;

  3. All people are invited to wear sports shoes on the same day;

                                       Administrative personnel department

                                                       November 21, 2019

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