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Anti-blue protective film & eyes screen protector

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  Scientists say the visible spectrum includes wavelengths ranging from 380 nanometers (nm) at the blue end of the spectrum to about 700 nanometers at the red end. Blue light is visible light in the range of 380 to 500 nm. The blue light is sometimes further decomposed into blue-violet light (about 380 to 450 nm) and blue-green light (about 450 to 500 nm).


  There is an inverse relationship between the wavelength of light and the energy they contain. Light with a relatively long wavelength contains less energy, while light with a shorter wavelength has more energy. Light at the red end of the visible spectrum has a longer wavelength and therefore less energy. Light at the blue end of the spectrum has shorter wavelengths and more energy.


  The anterior structure of the adult eye (the cornea and lens) is very effective in preventing UV rays from reaching the photosensitive retina at the back of the eye, but almost all visible blue light can pass through the cornea and lens and reach the retina. Light penetration into the retina can damage photosensitive cells in the retina. This can lead to changes in macular degeneration, which can lead to permanent vision loss.


  In the era of smart devices, smartphones, computers, and notebooks emit high-energy short-wave blue light. Because of the short wavelength, high-energy blue light is more easily scattered than other visible light, so the anti-blue protective film is even more indispensable.


  YIPI anti-blue protective film is made of complex and fine craftsmanship, using 7 layers of different film composition: surface PET peeling layer, 4H carbon crystal wear-resistant coating, HD high light transmission anti-glare layer, electromagnetic interference medium overlay , PET protective film, electrostatic silicon ion bonding layer, PET release layer. Can effectively block high-energy short-wave Blu-ray! Wholesale retail phone 13433007870!

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