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Blue light filter can effectively reduce the screen blue light

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  The blue light from any device can interfere with our biological clock. When we use artificial lighting for a long time, the blue light emitted by fluorescent lights and LED lights will reduce melatonin. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to use a blue light filter to reduce the blue light on the screen.

  Science has shown that blue light from computer screens (and other energy-saving light sources) is a common cause of visual stress. Solution: Filter blue light. However, how to choose an anti-blue film. The main method of comparing blue light filters is based on their spectral transmission/transmittance. It tells you the transmission characteristics of the filter by telling you the percentage of light passing through the filter for all different wavelengths. Spectral transmission can be given in the table, and a table usually has two columns. The first column contains wavelength data in nanometers (nm) and the second column contains % transmittance. Usually, only data of visible light wavelength is displayed, that is, 380 nm to 750 nm.

  How to view the spectrum of the blue light filter:

  The spectral transmission curve describes the ratio (% transmittance) and the ratio of blocking (transmittance 100%-%) of each wavelength of light that the filter is allowed to transmit. The blue light filter should be compared over the entire visible spectrum (especially at intervals of 400-500 nm), which is considered to be the blue wavelength. In short: a filter with a lower curve at 400-500 nm transmits less blue light, or more, blocks more blue light.

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