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Comparison of two kinds of mobile phone anti-spy film

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  The mobile phone anti-spy film is a new mobile phone protective film in the past two years. In addition to the functions of protecting the screen from scratch, anti-fall and anti-fingerprint, it also has the function of anti-peeping. There are two types of anti-spy film on the market: one is a peeping film for PET substrates, and the other is a tempered glass peeping film.

  Anti-spy film of PET substrate

  The advantages is :anti-peeping, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint effect better than ordinary glass film, no broken edge; 360 degree anti-spy film can be selected, the thickness is generally 0.2-0.4.The disadvantage is: the brightness of the screen is lowered, and the brightness of the screen needs to be properly adjusted on the mobile phone. There is a color difference with the white mobile phone screen, because the anti-spy film is black and the scratch resistance is not as good as the glass.

  Anti-spy of  tempered film substrate

  Advantages is: anti-peeping, silk screen color, scratch resistance is better than PET anti-spy film.Disadvantages: Reduce the brightness of the screen. Sticking to the phone requires proper adjustment of the brightness of the screen, because the anti-peep film is gray-black and the glass is fragile. A glass privacy film with no silkscreen color will also produce chromatic aberration when it is attached to a white mobile phone. Thicker, usually between 0.45 and 0.7 mm.

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