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How much is the privacy filter angle of the anti-peep film?

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  The privacy filter utilizes the optical principle of ultra-fine louver, and through the angle control of the light, the wide viewing angle of the screen (such as the viewing angle of the display 175 degrees) is changed into a narrow viewing angle (30 degrees); the grating structure arranged by juxtaposition Realize, at a certain angle, the transmitted light is blocked by the grating, and the grating is formed by the resin and the color paste being rolled and solidified by the mold, which is grayish black;


  The viewing angle of the anti-peep film is usually the middle of the screen, with a viewing angle of 30 to 45 degrees on the left and right sides. The angle outside the viewing angle is an invisible angle (area); the smaller the viewing angle, The larger the anti-spy angle, the better the anti-spying effect. Conversely, the larger the viewing angle, the smaller the anti-spy angle and the worse the anti-spying effect. At present, the best anti-peep effect on the market is 60 degrees, and the light becomes dark from 15 degrees.


  The anti-peep film currently on sale has two colors: black gold. The gold peeping film is better than the black peeping effect, but the black one has anti-glare function. If you use your computer frequently when you are on a business trip, it is recommended to use a black anti-spy film to give you privacy and to let you use it in a well-lit cafe and airport. If you use it frequently in the office, you can also use a gold anti-spy film to increase the anti-peep effect by 30%.

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