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  For those who need to travel frequently, business people or company executives are particularly vulnerable to visual hackers. It takes only a few seconds for a visual hacker to collect confidential information from your computer screen, and the disclosure of this information is likely to cause irreparable damage to your company. For these business people, we usually advise them to buy a privacy film to protect their company's secrets. So how do you choose a privacy filter?


  1. Choose a high-reflection privacy film


  The anti-peep film uses the louver polarizing technology to achieve the anti-peep effect. So the privacy film blocks some of the light on the laptop screen, making them look darker. Many people will make the screen information they see clearer by turning up the screen brightness. However, this will shorten the battery life. Therefore, when purchasing a privacy film, it is necessary to select a privacy film with a high light transmittance.


  2. Choice of anti-peep angle


  The anti-peep film can be divided into 30-degree anti-peeping, 45-degree anti-peeping, and four-sided anti-peeping according to the different anti-peep angles. Therefore, when selecting, you can choose different anti-peeping films according to your own needs.


  3. Selection of anti-spy film installation


  The anti-peep film can be divided into a magnetic anti-peep film, a hanging anti-peep film, a general anti-peep film, and a rubber anti-peep film according to different installation steps. Hanging anti-spy film is usually used in desktop computers, and anti-spy film is usually used on public monitors; so you need to choose different kinds of anti-spy film according to your actual situation.


  4. Selection of anti-spy film size


  When purchasing a peeping film, you need to choose a peeping film that fits the size of your laptop. It should not be too big or too small. You need to measure the length and width of the screen to determine whether the screen is a standard screen or a wide screen.


  5. Privacy filter film color selection


  According to the color of the anti-peep film, it can be divided into a black peeping film and a gold peeping film. The black anti-spy film is the most used anti-peep film on the market, and it has a high cost performance. The golden anti-spy film has better anti-spying effect than the black anti-spy film, and the transmittance is higher, but the price is more expensive.


  6. Selection of privacy film thickness


  The thickness of the anti-peep film is different depending on the material of the peeping film. The new one of the anti-peep film manufacturers can provide 0.37mm, 0.42mm, 0.45mm, 0.52mm, 0.55mm, 0.59mm anti-peep film, welcome to call 13433007870!

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