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How to install privacy screen for monitor?

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-07-30 15:14:36

  Installing a monitor privacy screen is actually very simple, just look at the instructions and everyone can do it. There are generally three ways to install the anti-peep film on the market: snap-on mounting, strip mounting, and magnet nano-adsorption.


  1. Buckle installation



  The buckle installation is the easiest way to install the notebook anti-spy film. The whole process takes only 3~5 minutes.


  First remove the protective film on the label and connect them to one side of the screen.


  There are no sticky residues on these films, so you can almost guarantee that your computer screen will remain tidy once the privacy filter is removed.


  After removing the protective film, carefully attach it to the frame of the monitor. Be sure not to tilt the filter or install it sideways.


  A sensible approach is to measure the frame of the display before installing the privacy filter. Finally, complete the installation by sliding the filter between the tab and the screen.


  2. Sticker installation




  Sticker installation only requires you to strip the strip and connect the ends to the back of the computer screen. Once you have connected the filter to the screen, remove the protective tape from the top and gently press the filter gently on the screen to make sure it is properly connected.


  3. Magnet nano adsorption


  The nano-adsorbent simply plugs the privacy film close to the screen and it easily locks itself onto the screen. These peep-proof films are easy to remove and easy to install.

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