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  What is blue light?


  The simplest definition is the high intensity on the spectrum, and the visible light in the short wavelength range is blue light. In other words, blue light is high-energy, visible (HEV) light; longer-wavelength light contains less energy, and short-wavelength light contains more energy. Blue light has high energy levels and short wavelengths that emit visible light visible to the human eye and can be very harmful over time.


  Where does blue light come from?


  Blu-ray is around us, and the most natural light comes from the sun. There are also artificial Blu-ray: smartphones, Ipads, computer monitors, LED lighting and fluorescent bulbs.


  Is blue light harmful?


  Under normal circumstances, blue light can help us to mediate the biological clock. Let us wake up in the morning and sleep at night. Our body will naturally absorb and digest the natural blue light. But like everything else, too much blue light is harmful. Our skin absorbs and processes blue light, but our eyes don't have this function. Due to its short wavelength and powerful energy, blue light can travel through the cornea to the retina, which can damage your eyes and cause macular degeneration. It can also cause dry eyes, pain, red eyes and blurred vision.


  How to reduce the harm of blue light?


  1. Reduce the time spent using smart devices such as computer phones


  At present, our lives and work are very dependent on smart devices such as computer phones, so it is easy to reduce their use but it is difficult to do. But we should try to minimize the time spent using smart devices at night, because the blue light emitted by the screen will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which will affect the quality of our sleep.


  3. Regularly check your eyes


  As we age, our eyes lose their elasticity, resulting in inability to focus. So no matter how much time we spend in front of the screen, regular comprehensive eye exams are an important part of keeping your eyes healthy.


  4. Appropriate blink of an eye


  The natural defense of the eyes is to blink, which can lubricate and clean our eyes. Under normal circumstances, ordinary people blink 10 to 20 times a minute, and take time to rest every 20 minutes or so.


  5. Buy blue light filter


  The blue light filter reduces blue light from the screen and enhances warmer colors such as red, yellow and orange. It works by blocking short high frequency waves and allowing long low frequency waves to pass. The anti-reflective coating of the anti-blue protective film can also help to eliminate eye fatigue, reduce eye fatigue, blurred vision, headache and other artificial blue light effects.


  We live in a visual world, from video games, movies and sports to driving, smiling faces, beautiful sunsets... The best things in life can only be enjoyed through your eyes.


  Imagine if you can never see a movie you like, you can't drive around and you can't see your child's smiling face again...

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