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The difference between HD film and matte film

The high-definition film uses optical PET (similar to resin spectacle lenses) with high transparency and will not fade or flash. At the same time, it has a reflective function with glass.

Advantages: high-definition, scratch-resistant, full use of the advantages of the retina screen, very delicate.

Disadvantages: easy to stain fingerprints.


The surface of the frosted film has a special anti-glare treatment, which can effectively diffuse the reflected light, reduce the generation of reflections and prevent glare.

Advantages: anti-oil stain, anti-fingerprint, anti-glare and anti-reflection.

Disadvantages: The HD level of the Iphone retina will decrease and the resolution will be low.

The difference is as follows: the high-definition film has a high light transmittance, the screen is very clear, and the transmittance is 99.99%. If you don't look closely, it is difficult to find that the screen has a protective film. However, the current film is electrostatically adsorbed, so after the pasting, if you look sideways or facing the light, you will find that there will be rainbow patterns on the screen, but there is no feeling when facing the screen. The transparency of the matte film is not as good as the high-definition film, and the scratch resistance is not as good as the high-definition film. Now there are high-definition anti-grain film and matte high-definition matte film.

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