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Screen Protector: Privacy Screen Protector VS Tempered Glass, Anti-glare Film

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-08-29 15:25:36

  The mobile phone screen protector is a film attached to the display, which can make the screen play the role of anti-drop and anti-fingerprint. At the same time it changed the experience of using a smartphone touch screen, changing the appearance of the device screen, especially as the screen protector will change color over time. Today, Xiaobian introduces three mobile phone protective films: privacy screen protector VS tempered glass, anti-glare film.

  1.Tempered glass:


  The tempered glass is typically 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm thick and is generally scratch resistant to protect the screen of the phone when it accidentally falls. Compared with other protective films, its advantages are cheaper and harder to better protect the screen of the mobile phone. The downside is that it changes the appearance of the screen, making the phone look cumbersome and affecting the touch.



  2. Anti-glare film:


  If you use your phone outdoors, the anti-glare film will be a very good choice because of its unique anti-glare effect. The advantage is that it protects the phone from scratches, prevents sunlight from reflecting off the screen, and protects both eyes. The disadvantage is that the anti-glare film needs to be replaced frequently, and the bubbles moving down the screen reduce the sharpness and affect the appearance.



  3.Privacy screen protector:


  The privacy screen protector darkens the screen by the principle of optical polarization, preventing others from peeking into the screen. The advantage is that while protecting the screen of the mobile phone, the personal privacy can be protected. The shortcoming anti-spy film will reduce the clarity and brightness of the screen. The quality of the anti-spy film on the market is uneven, and many anti-spy films will hurt the eyes after use.

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