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Monitor Privacy Screen Anti-spy Principle

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  Whether it is corporate finance or company executives, it is often necessary to deal with some highly confidential data, and sometimes it is particularly afraid of accidental sneak peeks. When playing a mobile phone on a moving car or a high-speed rail, there will always be one or two people staring at your screen... Because the voyeur is everywhere, the anti-spy film comes into being. It prevents people on both sides from snooping the screen and has the effect of protecting personal privacy. So, what is the working principle of the monitor privacy screen?



  The monitor privacy screen uses ultra-fine shutter optical technology. We all know that blinds can look different at different angles. When looking out from the front, the view in front of you can be seen at a glance; when looking from the side, the line of sight is completely obscured.

  The principle of the anti-spy film is similar to that of the blinds, which reduces the distance between the louver stripes we see every day, and implants hundreds of blades of ultra-fine louver layers in a protective film, in the ultra-fine blinds. Under the influence of optical technology, it can make the range of light reflected into the display smaller, and most of the light returns only in the direction of incidence, so that the light transmittance on the front of the screen is the highest, the visibility is the strongest, and the angle is the same. When tilted, the transmittance will gradually decrease and the screen will gradually darken.



  The ultra-fine louver material is made up of a multi-layer material, and the anti-theft louver structure has PET and PE protective layers on the upper and lower sides. The louver material can be composed of a grating structure arranged side by side. The spacing of the gratings is between 0.02 and 0.1 mm. When the light is irradiated on the privacy film, most of the light is blocked by the grating, and only a small portion is substantially vertically irradiated on the film. The light can be reflected out of the interval, which can reduce the visibility of the screen and prevent peeks.

  However, the ultra-fine louver blades in the monitor's anti-spy film block part of the light, causing the user to see the screen from the front, and the screen will be darker than before the film. The original bright colors and visual effects are not as good as before. The shortcomings of the privacy film.



  YIPIis a monitor privacy screen manufacturer adopts Japanese imported substrate and strictly produces according to ISO quality system standards. It has passed ISO, SGS, BSCI, CE, Rohs, Reach and other international certifications, regardless of transmittance or anti-peep effect. In view of it, all have reached the quality requirements for export to Europe and the United States. Since its inception in 2013, we have also worked with many premium brands and distributors from the US, Europe and global markets. Welcome to visit our factory and look forward to your exchange and cooperation with you.

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