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8 ways to reduce the blue light from screen to protect our eyes

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  The eye is the window of the mind, we need to use it to discover the beauty of life; so we must protect it well. With the popularity of smart devices, computers, mobile phones and penetration into every aspect of our lives. Whether at work, at school, or at home, we spend a lot of time on smart devices.


  Prolonged use of smart devices can lead to a range of eye health related issues. In fact, as long as you spend more than two hours on a smart screen during the day, you will develop visual fatigue symptoms. These symptoms include eye fatigue, headache, dry eyes, blurred vision, neck pain and other common symptoms.


  The main cause of these symptoms is the blue light emitted by the smart device screen. Blu-ray also involves many other health problems. Excessive blue light on the screen can cause eye damage and may cause macular degeneration in the eye. It also inhibits sleep and causes insomnia.


  But not all blue light is bad for our health, and blue light at the green spectrum is critical to our health. This light helps to regulate the natural rhythm of our body, helping us to go to sleep and keep our body in a normal rhythm.


  The bad blue light we are referring to is the blue light from the display screen. The blue light from the display is harmful to our eyes, it can penetrate the eyes, reach the retina, and accelerate the aging of our eyes.


  So how do you reduce blue light from the screen to protect our eyes?


  1. Quasi-information 20-20-20 rules


  Every 20 minutes of work on the screen, let your eyes rest for 20 seconds and see things 20 feet away.


  2. Reduce screen brightness


  Appropriately adjust the brightness of the screen to a brightness that matches the brightness of the surrounding work area.


  3. blinking


  Blinking will rejuvenate your eyes and keep them moist, otherwise it will cause your eyes to dry up. When you stare at the screen for a long time, you will forget the blink of an eye, so we must consciously force ourselves to blink, which helps the health of the eyes.


  4. Pay attention to the surrounding air.


  Sitting near a vent or fan can cause eye irritation. Continued blowing on or around your face can cause your eyes to dry up.


  5. Eyes are 20 to 28 inches from the screen


  Keep your eyes 20 to 28 inches from the screen while you work. If you are too far from the screen, you will be squinting at the screen and making your eyes tired. Also pay attention to your sitting position. Your knees should be lower than the hips or at the same level as the knees, and the chair should be slightly tilted.


  6. Adjust the font size


  Adjust the font size so that the font on the screen is as large as possible. If you are having trouble watching your computer screen, your body will compensate in other ways without realizing it. Your forehead will begin to wrinkle and you will bend forward (resulting in tired shoulders and painful back).


  7. Use the screen anti-glare film to protect the eyes


  The glare reflected on the computer screen is the main cause of eye strain, and the reflection on the computer screen will constantly distract your attention, forcing you to take extra effort to concentrate. This can eventually lead to eye strain, and you can use a computer anti-glare film to reduce the glare of your computer monitor.


  8. Use the screen anti-blue film to protect the eyes


  The anti-blue film filters out the blue light emitted by the screen, which has a shorter wavelength than the other components of the visible spectrum and contains more energy. Excessive blue light can cause eye damage, cause insomnia and disturb your circadian rhythm. You can filter the blue light to protect your eyes by installing a blue light-proof film on the screen.


  The YIPI anti-blue protective film reduces the amount of glare and specular reflection on the computer screen. Even if you may not even notice the glare of the screen, it will affect your eyes over time, and the anti-blue protective film helps to eliminate this glare.


  The YIPI screen has an anti-blue film that can effectively resist the adverse effects of blue light from computers. It blocks 100% of harmful UV rays while blocking HEV blue light between 380nm and 495nm. The product also includes an anti-flicker coating and a scratch-resistant coating for scratch and fingerprint protection.

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