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The solution of the privacy screen protector that can not use fingerprint

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-10-22 14:41:10

  As the depth of penetration of mobile phones into life gradually deepens, mobile phone production and development companies will mass produce mobile phones with screen fingerprints unlocked in the future. In the future, it will basically be a screen fingerprint mobile phone. This is the trend of the times. However, as privacy screen protector that protects personal privacy, fingerprints cannot be unlocked at present. Then the effect of guarding the privacy of the privacy film will be greatly reduced.


  So how to solve the dilemma that privacy screen protector can't be unlocked with fingerprint?


  As a manufacturer with 10 years of independent R&D and manufacturing experience, YIPI has finally found a solution after continually trying to deny and continuously test the process. That is, customizing the fingerprint alone to unlock that part of the anti-peep material. This not only ensures the privacy protection of the anti-peep film, but also facilitates the customer to use the mobile phone unlock function.


  As the leader in the domestic production of privacy screen protector manufacturers, our strength is not only demonstrated in more than 4,000 flat factory areas, more than 60 production and technical workers, fully automated production equipment; also shows that we passed SGS, ISO, BSCI, CE, Rohs, Reach and other international certification tests; also show that we have more than 20 R & D team, 6 engineers with more than 7 years of R & D experience. Look forward to exchanges and cooperation with the industry!

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