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 What are the materials of the mobile phone protective film?

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  The rapid development of smart phones has promoted the prosperity of peripheral accessories. The screen protector as a close partner of mobile phones has been well received by users. Because the phone after the film can be refreshed, bright and eye-catching, and can make the phone waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-blue, anti-myopia, anti-dust function. A variety of mobile phone protective films have appeared on the market, ranging from traditional matte films to new films represented by anti-penetration films. Let's talk about the materials of the mobile phone protective film.

  From the material point of view, the current mobile phone protective film mainly has four kinds of materials: PP material, PVC material, PET material, ARM material.

  PP film is relatively soft, poor light transmission, can not prevent scratches, anti-wear, can only prevent dust, because its effect is not good, now basically eliminated by the market.

  The PVC film is soft and easy to paste, but it is thicker and has poor light transmission properties. And if the film is torn off, it will leave residual glue on the screen of the mobile phone, which will affect the appearance.

  The film of PET material has high light transmittance, and there is no residual glue after tearing off, and small bubbles are not easy to appear. The anti-Blu-ray mobile phone protective film is the material used.

  ARM material is processed by the latest technology and has the ability of abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. At the same time, there is no air bubble after the film of this material, and the light transmittance is also very good, and there will be no trace after tearing off, but the price will be more expensive.

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