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Why do you need a laptop privacy filter?

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-11-13 14:54:22

  We often hear about hackers hacking our emails, stealing our wireless identity theft and some other technical scams that we want to steal from our network. With the advancement of the times, we will take more and more effective measures to prevent hackers from invading. But many people do not pay attention to the original hand-peeping information that steals information, that is, stealing information on your screen through eyes in public places.

  Of course, if you are working from home or in your own office, this is not really a problem. However, if you often work on the way to work or in a busy environment (for example, sharing a work space, coffee shop or library), then you may not be able to imagine how many people will stare at your computer or mobile phone, the tablet watching you are What to do with the information on your screen.

  Laptop privacy filter is currently the most effective way to prevent information from being stolen. It can prevent people next to you from watching your screen. In addition, the notebook privacy film also provides other protection functions for the screen, which can reduce glare, reduce ultraviolet rays, and reduce the adverse effects of blue light on the eyes.

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Guidelines for using the best computer privacy filter

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Classification method of anti-peep film material

Toughened privacy film, TPU privacy film, PET privacy film, acrylic privacy film

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Introduction of laptop privacy screen & notebook anti-spy film

The laptop privacy screen is also called the anti-peep film, which is “left and right anti-theft” (also called 180 degree anti-peeping).

How does the privacy screen protector work?

How does the privacy screen protector work?

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