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  You are a company director and you are accessing an online bank account; maybe you are a freelance HR consultant; maybe you are using sensitive data. Whatever the reason, you need a computer privacy film to prevent others from prying into your computer monitor.

  The computer privacy film application is the world's ultra-fine micro-lobe (Microlouver) optical polarization principle technology, so that computer screen users can read from the front 60-degree angle of view, and the information on the screen can not be seen clearly on both sides, protecting trade secrets and individuals. Privacy, using your computer is more free, your information can be protected in all directions! It is very difficult to watch the display when you are left or right.

  The YIPI computer privacy film manufacturer offers black and gold anti-spy films, while offering different sizes of customization. The computer anti-spy film and the notebook anti-spy film can be used universally. The company adopts fine craft technology, management methods of European and American enterprises, stable quality and excellent price. We wholeheartedly consider the interests of our customers, create a win-win situation, passionate and sincere communication, strong production capacity, fast delivery, and urgent customer needs. Our contact number is 13433007870.

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Prequalified Suppliers & Development Process

Shenzhen YIPI Electronic Limited, established in 2 0 1 3, is a professional manufacture and exporter which focus on the research, development, production, sales and service of Laptop & Monitor Privacy Screen, Privacy filters and all kind of screen protect

Guidelines for using the best computer privacy filter

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Classification method of anti-peep film material

Toughened privacy film, TPU privacy film, PET privacy film, acrylic privacy film

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Introduction of laptop privacy screen & notebook anti-spy film

The laptop privacy screen is also called the anti-peep film, which is “left and right anti-theft” (also called 180 degree anti-peeping).

How does the privacy screen protector work?

How does the privacy screen protector work?

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