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The harm of blue light and how to prevent blue light

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-06-19 09:08:04

  In an era when almost everyone has a cell phone or laptop, people need to understand the dangers of blue light to the eyes and nervous system. There are only a few people in the world who know how dangerous blue light is to the eyes, but even those who know it is dangerous, there is no effective way to avoid it.

  Millions of people in the world suffer from certain eye diseases, some have blurred vision, some have chronic pain in their eyes, and some have completely lost their sight. The answer to these questions is that the eyes are overexposed to blue light.

  In addition, studies have shown that the human eye can not protect itself from the influence of blue light, blue light directly into the retina of the eye, excessive exposure to blue light may destroy the photosensitive cells of the retina, and eventually lead to eye damage. Blu-ray will put too much pressure on your eyes, it will also affect your nervous system, so you can't sleep well at night.

  So how do you prevent blue light?

  In fact, people who are reading this article are surrounded by blue light. Then you don't have to worry anymore because we can solve this problem for you. The new anti-blue film can effectively block the harmful blue light from 420nm to 480nm, anti-glare, reduce reflection, and clear eyes to protect your eyes!

  How does the anti-blue film work?

  The YIPI anti-blue film adopts Japanese imported materials, multi-layer scratch-resistant and wear-resistant structure: surface hardened layer, color reduction layer, anti-blue material layer, radiation resistant material layer and surface hardened layer. It can filter the blue light of the screen, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint anti-oil. With a high transmittance of 93%, you can enjoy the naked eye HD experience

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Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

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How does the privacy screen protector work?

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