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Acrylic glass TV screen protector & eyes screen protector

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  Acrylic glass TV screen protector is a new functional TV screen protector developed for TV blue light radiation. It mainly absorbs and transforms the blue light emitted by the TV LED screen by using eyeo2 nano anti-blue light technology to realize anti-blue light. The TV film blocks the blue light, thus protecting our eyes.

  At present, the TVs sold on the market all adopt LED backlights. The white light emitted by the LED light source can form a second light distribution mainly by blue-violet light excitation phosphors below the wavelength of 420 nm, wherein the lower the wavelength, the higher the excitation capability. Strong. If the wavelength becomes longer, the ability to excite the phosphor decreases, and the luminous efficiency decreases. In order to pursue brightness, manufacturers usually strengthen the blue light intensity of LED light sources. If the human eye looks at such a light source for a long time, it will be damaged by blue light. Acrylic glass TV screen protector absorbs and transforms the blue light emitted by the TV LED screen, blocks high-energy short-wave blue light from reaching the retina of the fundus, greatly reduces the stimulation of blue light to the eyes, and controls the deepening of myopia;

  The main disadvantage of blue light are:

  1, blue light can reach the retina directly, causing myopia

  2, blue light can stimulate brown pigment, is an important cause of skin yellow spots, freckles

  3, blue light can cause fundus damage after cataract surgery

  4, blue light can have blurred vision, leading to visual fatigue, causing VDT syndrome

  5, blue light can cause glare

  6, blue light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, disturb sleep, improve the incidence of major diseases

  Advantages of acrylic anti-blue screen protector

  1, high-definition transparency, will not affect the quality of the TV

  2, to prevent 380UM to 420um high-energy short-wave blue light caused by deepening vision to protect the eyes.

  3, does not affect the life of the TV

  4, anti-skin production of melanin: prevent dry skin caused by UV reflection caused by skin spots, chloasma, indoor ultraviolet light will absorb and transform after entering the screen, will not reflect.

  5, to prevent RF damage to the eardrum nerve: filter all the energy generated by the conversion of energy into light energy, the electromagnetic radiation energy, electromagnetic waves, ultraviolet light.

  6, easy to install, easy to remove


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