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Arrangement for New Year Party 2020

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      Accepted by: various departments

      Publishing unit: Administration and Personnel Department

      Posting date: 13 January 2020

      Theme: Arrangement for New Year Party 2020

      In the days of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, I would like to thank all my colleagues for following the steps of YIPI and coming hand in hand along the way, because with you, YIPI will go better and better and further away!

      In order to thank everyone for their hard work, the company has decided to hold the annual corporate meeting on January 14, 2020!

      Activity time: 16:00, January 14, 2020

      Venue: 4th Floor, Carlyston Hotel, Guangming District, Shenzhen

      Participants: All staff

      Annual meeting process:

      16:30 departure from the company

      17:00 Arrive at the hotel

      Open at 17:30

      18:00 Annual Meeting

      21:30 annual meeting ends

      There will be various exciting draws, performances and game links for everyone to enjoy and participate in!

      Invite your friends to dress up and dress up! !! !!

      I wish all employees of YIPI a happy New Year and all the best!

      YIPI of Administrative Personnel

      January 13, 2020

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