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  The monitor is the most important part of the computer because it provides us with an intuitive representation of the various information. The information on the monitor screen allows anyone to view it, so we need to install a monitor privacy screen filter when using the computer, in order to protect our own private information better.


  When choosing a monitor privacy screen filter, what problems do we need to pay attention to?


  1. The shape of the monitor


  Since the display differs in shape and size, it is necessary to consult the displayed shape when selecting a privacy sheet. There are two general types of displays: standard and widescreen. The widescreen display is slightly different from the standard model, with the most common ratio of standard displays being 4:3 and the ratio of widescreen displays being 16:9.


  2. The size of the monitor


  Once the shape of the display is determined, the next step is to measure the size of the display. By calculating the size from the diagonal of the display, when purchasing a privacy film, it is necessary to select the same size as the display.


  3. Hanging monitor privacy screen filter and ordinary anti-spy film


  There is currently a type of hanging anti-spy film on the market, and it is only necessary to prevent the hook at the top of the anti-spy film from being used on the display. Hanging anti-spy film is easier to install and remove than ordinary anti-spy film, which is the best choice for desktop computer anti-spy film. But it is not easy to carry, so for business people who travel frequently, you can choose ordinary anti-spy film.


  4. Choose a powerful monitor privacy screen filter manufacturer


  The YIPI is a manufacturer of anti-spy film that can be customized in various types and sizes. It offers domestic materials and Japanese imported materials. The thickness ranges from 0.35 to 0.69. The styles include hanging anti-spy film and magnet anti-spy film. Washed rubber anti-spy film, gold anti-spy film, black anti-spy film and so on. Our anti-spy film can be used on the screen of a mobile phone, computer, notebook, flat panel display, and ATM monitor screen.


  The main advantages of YIPI monitor privacy screen filter are:


  It can effectively prevent the information on the display from being seen outside the 60 degree angle of view.


  Universal compatibility


  Black, lightweight, slim design


  Reduce reflection and maintain image clarity


  Effectively block radiation such as blue light and ultraviolet light


  Easy to install and disassemble

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