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The difference between privacy filter screen protector and anti glare film

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  Computer protective film can be divided into many types according to function, anti-spy film, anti-glare film, anti-blue film, anti-scratch and anti-scratch film, explosion-proof film and so on. Today, editor will introduce two kinds of protective films: privacy filter screen protector and anti glare film.



  The privacy filter screen protector is based on the ultra-fine blinds optical polarization principle, so that the information displayed on the screen can only be read by the front user, and the people on both sides can only see the black picture. This innovative technology prevents visual hackers from stealing your screen; visual hackers can get your login information, payroll information, etc. in a matter of seconds. According to the new manufacturing standards, the anti-spy film not only prevents dust, scratches, but also blocks UV rays, blue light and other damage to the eyes.



  The anti-glare film can be used to prevent diffuse reflection of light even when it is used, which helps to keep the information on the screen clear and protect the eyes of the film. The new anti-glare film gives you good visibility by reducing reflections and glare. With UV protection, it can filter out the sun glare, and you can easily read the information on the screen even when you are outdoors.



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