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Factory wholesale computer optical anti-spy film

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-05-25 09:16:27

  Whether at home or abroad, everyone has had an unpleasant experience of being peeked at by others. Maybe you are using your computer for looking a Confidential business plan, or looking your own private photo, or some funny and easy pictures... Anyway, we don't want our computer screen to be noticed by others, encounter someone like voyeurism who like to see Other's privacy, what should we do?

  This recommends that you use two methods to solve this troubles; the first method: directly tell the voyeur, I hope he will move his eyes to other places; but this method is easy to cause troubles and be rejected. The second method: buy a computer optical anti-spy film, so that the screen can only be seen by yourself, others can not see!

  What is a computer optical anti-spy film? It is a device that is designed to keep your monitor secret in business travel, public places, and office. The computer optical anti-spy film developed by YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED is based on the protection of the eyes and protects the privacy of the products.

  This product is only available to the computer, the viewing area is 60 °. That is to say, the root of the person sitting next to you can't see your screen content. The price of the computer optical anti-spy film is set according to the size of your computer. The new school has a full set of production equipment, can provide a variety of customized services! The contact number of our production factory wholesale manager is: 18823713534

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Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

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