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Chinese manufacturers wholesale various types of phones protective film

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  With the continuous development of the smart phone industry, its subsidiary products are also emerging, such as mobile phone protective film. After everyone in China got a new phone, the first reaction was to buy a mobile phone protective film to protect the screen. The mobile phone protective film is a kind of cold laminating film that can be used to mount the surface of the mobile phone body, the screen and other tangible objects. Regardless of whether it is psychological or other, everyone has their own opinions on the mobile phone film, but the original intention is to protect the mobile phone as much as possible. Today, I will talk to you about several common mobile phone films.

  1. Hydrogel film is a mobile phone protective film produced in recent years with the birth of the curved screen mobile phone. It is softer than the tempered film material to better fit the phone screen. The material of the hydraulic film is a layer of TPU or PET, which has superior ductility and retractability. The advantages are anti-fingerprint (especially compared to the traditional high-definition film), which can automatically repair the scratches, ultra-thin (especially with the trend that the mobile phone is getting thinner and thinner, the advantages become more and more obvious), and after sticking it, it is almost unapplied without careful observation. The disadvantage is that the edge of the film is easy to white edges and does not resist falling.

  2, Matte film, is a mobile phone protective film with a smooth surface. Advantages: Anti-fingerprint, feel more sensitive when the finger swipes the screen. Disadvantages: The HD level of the screen will decrease and the resolution will decrease. Long-term use of such a film is very eye-opening, so editing is not recommended for this type of protective film.

  3, Tempered high-definition film, its main advantages are: the surface is hard enough, explosion-proof and scratch-resistant, can prevent the phone from accidentally hitting the screen to protect the user's safety. At the same time, it prevents accidental scratching, and is easy to use and can not afford bubbles. The screen transmittance is as high as 98%, which does not affect the use of mobile phone sets and other mobile phone accessories. The main disadvantages are: tempered glass has the possibility of self-explosion (self-rupture); it is thicker than other films, and it also affects the sensitivity of the touch screen.

  4. Anti-blue film is a kind of vision protection film developed for blue light radiation. The blue light mobile phone film adopts blue light blocking technology to absorb and transform blue light, thereby effectively blocking blue light. It can effectively block ultraviolet light rays, short-wave blue light rays, soft and dazzling light source stimulation, and attach AF coating to make the perfect combination of hand feeling and hardness of mobile phone film. But it really affects the visual experience, color reproduction is not in place, usually the screen brightness is reduced by a small point during the day or night night mode can effectively reduce the blue light generated by the mobile phone.

  5, Anti-peep film, is the use of the world's ultra-fine louver (MICROLOUVER) optical patent technology, so that the screen display information for the user to read front, the visible area is 60 degrees, anyone can only look on both sides See the dark picture. Anti-peeping visible area 60 degrees, only from the left and right 30 degrees can only see the darkness (not visible beyond 30 degrees means that when viewed from the left, not visible from the leftmost 30 degrees of the screen, when viewed from the right, the screen is the most Not visible outside 30 degrees on the right.

  YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED wholesales and sells various types of mobile phone protective films of various sizes, providing OEM and ODM services. We have our own R&D team and a complete set of mobile phone protective film production equipment. After 10 years of continuous development, we are currently Our company not only obtained ISO9001, Rohs, CE, SGS and other testing certificates, but also obtained a number of patent certificates; in order to protect your love machine, please contact us as soon as possible: 18823713534.

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