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In the Internet age, have you not purchased a anti-blue light protection film?

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  In today's Internet age, have you ever thought that watching computer monitors for a long time may affect the health of you or your child? Research has shown that prolonged exposure to blue light from electronic devices can have some harmful health effects. So how do we protect our health? The YIPI anti-blue light protection film can help you solve problems!

  First let's take a look at the common health problems caused by blue light.

  Sleep: Many researchers have found that devices that emit blue light before going to bed may interrupt sleep patterns and affect the body's melatonin levels. Using a blue light protection film helps limit the blue light emitted from the screen and can have a positive impact on your sleep.

  Appetite: Exposure to blue light may make people want to eat more. Studies have shown that devices that emit blue light, such as smartphones, tablets and laptop devices, can activate areas of the brain that regulate appetite and metabolism. But the good news: Those who use anti-blue protective films can help keep them healthy by ensuring they don't over-stimulate the brain.

  Macular degeneration: Many ophthalmologists have discovered that exposure to blue light can cause macular degeneration. A Blu-ray protection film can help reduce the threat of this potentially changing life situation.

  The main purpose of theanti-blue light protection film is to block harmful blue light emitted by displays and other digital screens. Harmful blue light can have a negative impact on your health and eyes. The YIPI anti-blue light protection film adopts pure Japanese imported materials, and absorbs and transforms blue light through blue light blocking technology to achieve effective blocking of blue light. It can effectively block ultraviolet light rays, short-wave blue light rays, soft and dazzling light source stimulation, and attach AF coating, so that the hand touch and hardness of mobile phone film can be well combined.

  The main features of the YIPI anti-blue light protective film:

  1. Anti-Blu-ray: Prevents 420um to 480um high-energy short-wave blue light from harming the eyes, and reducing the effect of blue light on skin melanin;

  2. Anti-bacteria: silver nano-coating, the sterilization rate reaches 99%, effectively protecting the health and safety of users;

  3. Anti-shock: the hardness reaches 5H, which can effectively prevent accidental drops, collisions, and damage to the screen caused by rolling;

  4. Anti-scratch: protect the screen of the mobile phone or tablet from scratching and leaving marks;

  5. High light transmission: the screen is still clear and clear after filming;

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