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Anti Blue Light Products to protect eyes recommendation

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-05-31 14:48:42

   Are you tired when you look at the computer screen? Our eyes are tired and nervous because of the blue light emitted by our equipment. Anti-blue film can help us solve this problem. Blu-ray is both a good thing and a bad thing. It can help control our circadian rhythm, but it can also cause degenerative eye problems and negatively affect our sleep patterns. YIPI is a 10-year factory focused on the development and production of screen protectors. Our anti-blue film can effectively prevent the blue light emitted by the display. Today, let me give you a look at the 2018 anti-blue film products.

1. Mobile phone anti-blue film: block excessive harmful blue light, reduce eye fatigue.

 Product Highlights:

90% blue light blocking (420nm-480nm) / 98% UV blocking (310nm-380nm);

Reduce blue light and protect your screen / zero color distortion / scratch resistant 9H hard coating;

Easy to install, no residue;

Passed SGS and ISO9001 testing;

Japanese imported materials, made in China!

2. Notebook anti-blue film: block up to 100% dangerous HEV blue light in LED screen, reduce digital eye fatigue, and benefit eye health.

Product Highlights:

Suitable for office or home PCs to promote the eyes of healthy workers.

 Special coatings for different applications, one layer is scratch resistant, one layer makes acrylic more durable, one layer reduces flicker, and one layer protects your eyes from any possible blue light.

Blocks 100% of the dangerous UV rays and reduces HEV Bluelight to 100% with excellent color transmission.

The anti-blue light barrier is between 420nm and 480nm for a wide range of HEV protection.

Reduce digital eye strain when viewing LED screens: office PCs, home computers, eSports or video games.

Designed for easy installation and removal.

The size of any LED flat panel display can be customized.

3. Anti-Blu-ray glasses: reduce digital eye strain and block 65% of harmful blue light.

Product Highlights

Reduce digital eye fatigue: Can address all short- and long-term side effects associated with digital eye fatigue, including: headache, dry eyes, blurred vision, glare, negative effects of artificial blue light, eye fatigue and fatigue.

Block blue light: Filter the artificial blue light from the digital screen. It is the SPF that measures skin protection and the Blu-ray Protection Factor (BLPF) scale measures eye protection for the eye.

Sleep better: Block harmful blue light and help you maintain a circadian rhythm, the body's natural sleep cycle.

4. Scientific Sleep LED Lights.

 Product Highlights:

Scientific sleep-promoting LED lights can help everyone get a good night's sleep, even for those who are often difficult to sleep. A sleep bulb like this works by emitting less blue light than other bulbs, which allows you to settle down and sleep when you need it.

Good night bio LED sleep light helps improve sleep

This sleep light supports your body's natural melatonin (the hormones needed for nighttime sleep)

Reduces the blue light generated during the day and prevents the production of melatonin

Helps you promote a healthy circadian rhythm by falling asleep by helping you fall asleep faster and stay longer

5. Acrylic anti-blue light protection film

  Product Highlights

 It adopts pure Japanese imported materials, not only has anti-radiation function, but also prevents high-energy short-wave blue light, ultraviolet light and anti-glare!

Effectively filter out harmful blue light from 420nm to 480nm, anti-glare, reduce reflection, clear vision and protect both eyes.

5H anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, surface treated with enhanced technology to improve scratch protection, strong anti-fingerprint, grease, stains, not easy to residue.

Using 2MM acrylic material, the color reproduction is extremely high, after the film is attached, it does not affect the screen vision, 93% high transmittance, enjoy the naked eye HD experience.

It can be used at any time to replace the computer, avoiding the heat dissipation problem caused by the radiation, and solving the effect of the refraction on the display effect. The one-piece frameless design does not affect the appearance of the display and will not scratch the display.

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