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Introduction of computer screen protector types

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  With the rise of large-screen smart devices, computer screen protector have also received widespread attention. There are many types of protective films on the market, and different protective films have different characteristics and functions. So how do you choose? Today we will talk about the types of protective films and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

  Computer privacy screen protector:

  The protective film adopts the ultra-fine louver optical patent technology, so that the data displayed on the screen is only visible to the user. The visible area is generally about 60 degrees, and the left and right sides are all black except 30 degrees. According to the principle of blinds, the anti-peep film is implanted with a superfine louver layer on the surface of the protective film, and each millimeter is superposed by a black transparent blade, a total of 13 pieces, and the thickness is about 1 mm-2 mm. The advantage is that it is anti-peep, and the light transmittance is also ok, at 80% or more.

  Computerized tempered glass film:

  This protective film has a very good wear resistance and is very hard in itself, with a Vickers hardness of 622-701. It uses chemical or physical methods to create compressive stresses on the surface of the glass. When the glass is subjected to external forces, the surface stress is first offset, thereby increasing the pressure resistance and providing the highest level of safety protection for the panel. This kind of tempered glass film is mostly 2.5D curved design, which will make the flat plate feel better when used. The advantage is hard, light transmittance up to 90%, anti-fall.

  Computer anti-blue screen protector:

  The anti-blue light protection film is developed based on reducing the damage of blue light to humans. By absorbing and transforming the blue light emitted by the light source such as mobile phone, computer, TV, LED lamp, etc., it can alleviate the irritation of blue light to the eyes and protect the eyes; and also prevent the skin from being dry and lead to skin spots, chloasma, etc. by absorption and conversion of ultraviolet rays. The problem arises. Advantages: anti-blue light prevents the reduction of blue light on skin melanin, anti-bacteria, anti-shock, anti-scratch, high light transmittance,

  Computer HD film:

  Our most common membranes, some of which are also called high-permeable membranes, are generally cheaper. The reason why they are called HD membranes is because the protective film has the least occlusion of light, and almost 95% of the light emitted by the screen can be transmitted. The protective film is projected into the human eye, and it does not seem to differ much from the unapplied. Although this film is cheap and affordable, it will become a flat-panel fingerprint collector because the surface is very smooth, and the hardness of this protective film is far less than that of a flat screen. Generally, it is scratched in a pocket. We need to change it often.

  Computer matte film:

  A matte film is also a relatively common functional protective film, and the cost of such a film is slightly more expensive. The benefits of this film are wear resistance and anti-fingerprint. Since the surface of the matte film is not smooth, it will be hidden in the gap of the matte film after the fingerprint is dropped, and will not be seen by us. However, this film also has the disadvantage that the light transmittance is low, less than 80%. After the matte film with a bad quality is attached, the screen will look like a lot of dense white dots, and the display effect will be somewhat white.

  Computer Diamond screen protector:

  The diamond film is a protective film between the HD film and the matte film, which is about the same price as the matte film. The advantage of this kind of film is that the light transmittance is better than that of the frosted film, which can reach 88%. There is no rainbow pattern under the sunlight. Generally, the silicone composite layer is used as a binder. When the paste is applied, no bubbles appear, and even the film can be exposed. It can also be worn after washing and washing to prevent the brush from being worn. Of course, there are also shortcomings, that is, there are more fakes on the market, and the color of the diamond is mostly brushed up, and it will fade after a period of use.

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