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  Once the US 3M company did a test test, visual hackers participated in the office, using the peek to get the company's confidential information, 88% of them have obtained private information. Anyone can become a visual hacker, in the office, on the go, in the cafe, in any public place, they are everywhere!



  YIPI is the pc privacy screen filter manufacturer can help you get rid of the interference of visual hackers. Our computer anti-spy screen prevents visual hackers from stealing your screen information. Ultra-fine louver polarizing technology allows only the person in front of the computer screen to see the screen clearly, and no one near it can see the screen information.


  YIPI is the pc privacy screen filter manufacturer continue to improve their anti-spyware products, constantly update their technology and equipment, continuously develop and strengthen the scientific research and technical team, and constantly seek new technical means to help us protect our information security. Our anti-spy screen has the following advantages:

  High-definition: The ultra-thin anti-spy screen not only provides you with a 30-degree anti-peep angle, but also has a high definition, which does not affect the picture quality of the screen, so that the user in front of the screen is visually comfortable and the office is more Comfortable.


  Easy to install: The computer anti-theft screen can be divided into magnet installation, adhesive installation, hanging installation, tower buckle installation, and strip installation according to the installation method.



  YIPI is the pc privacy screen filter manufacturer has been focusing on the development and production of anti-peep screen for 10 years. The company has been adhering to the marketing concept of “focus on professionalism, target aggregation, quality priority, continuous innovation” and has won the recognition of distributors and customers. Praise, the products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Our contact information 18823713534 !

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Shenzhen YIPI Electronic Limited, established in 2 0 1 3, is a professional manufacture and exporter which focus on the research, development, production, sales and service of Laptop & Monitor Privacy Screen, Privacy filters and all kind of screen protect

Guidelines for using the best computer privacy filter

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Classification method of anti-peep film material

Toughened privacy film, TPU privacy film, PET privacy film, acrylic privacy film

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Introduction of laptop privacy screen & notebook anti-spy film

The laptop privacy screen is also called the anti-peep film, which is “left and right anti-theft” (also called 180 degree anti-peeping).

How does the privacy screen protector work?

How does the privacy screen protector work?

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