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Protecting privacy- optical performance evaluation of anti-spy film

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-05-15 10:08:09

  With the development of science and technology, the portability of computers and the large screen of smartphones, people use them extensively in daily life and work. According to the survey, most users have the experience of being sneaked into the screen in public. Protecting privacy has become a top priority.

  The anti-spy film ensures that the user can clearly see the screen content in the vertical direction and see the black screen status in the oblique direction, effectively protecting the user's privacy. This feature of the privacy film is that the incident light transmittance of the film to the oblique angle is extremely low, and the transmittance is high at the vertical angle. Therefore, it is important to measure the transmittance curve of the film at different incident light angles.

  Since the electronic screen is viewed from different angles, the results of the anti-spy film are different. Therefore, we need to select a measuring attachment that can change the angle of the incident light to measure the transmittance of the anti-peep film to visible light at different angles. When the incident angle of the transmission spectrum is greater than or equal to 12°, the polarization characteristics of the sample are significant. It is necessary to install a polarizer to measure the transmittance of polarized light, such as the polarization of S and P, and calculate the average of the polarization of the two components as the sample. Transmittance value.

  The effectiveness of the anti-spy film needs to be assessed based on human vision, and the actual visibility will vary with the source, so a light source needs to be specified. According to Japanese Industrial Standard JIS R3106, D65 was selected as a light source, and the transmittance in the visible light region was measured. The transmittance of the visible light region is calculated based on JIS R3106, and no manual operation is required, and the corresponding software package is embedded in the UV solution instrument software to realize automatic calculation.

  We measured the transmittance of a anti-spy film at different angles and evaluated the optical properties at different angles. Through experimental analysis, it can be found that the visible light transmittance of the anti-peep film is different at different tilt angles, and the transmittance gradually decreases as the tilt angle increases. When the tilt angle is 40°, the transmittance reaches 0.03%T, which can effectively prevent others from peeking at the screen information.

  Privacy disclosure has become a social issue. The protection of privacy is not only the maintenance of individual independence and freedom, but also contributes to social harmony. With the basic concept of “high-tech solutions to create value”, YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED uses independent research and development technology to contribute to the promotion of social stability and harmony.

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