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Teaching you how to distinguish between true and supposititious anti-spy film

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  Nowadays, there are a lot of supposititious anti-peep films on the market, and there are used by merchant sell to customers. Although it is cheap but it hurts eyes, today I will teach you how to distinguish between true and supposititious anti-spy film.

  Good quality anti-spy film has the following characteristics

  1, to prevent voyeurism: the use of physical optics to polarize away from the technology, with side view (without the scope of the face) can not see the function of the mobile phone screen display content, 180 degrees anti-peep.

  2, to prevent scratching: the outer surface is treated with super-abrasive material coating, which can effectively prevent scratches, stains, fingerprints and extremely dust, and protect the machine to the greatest extent from external damage.

  3, to prevent warm reflection: slightly matte surface, anti-reflective, to prevent glare caused by sunlight, fluorescent lights, etc., to prevent strong glare up to 99.9%, eliminate eye fatigue, protect the eyes.

  4, other functions: UV protection up to 96%, radiation protection up to 99.9%, anti-static. The front view of the user is clear, and the people on both sides look at the screen of the mobile phone.

  How to distinguish supposititious anti-spy film?

  Sticking to the mobile phone, it is a bit too much (about 70 degrees), almost the line of sight is fast and the plane of the mobile phone is parallel, and it is only slightly invisible to black. This is supposititious anti-spy film. The merchants wil say that the effect is only a little bit, but the price is difference, it is very cheap. If you are greedy for cheap, you will be fooled. It is understood that the cost of the film is much more expensive than the average cost of the process and technology. The fact is that they are superimposed with a bad polarizer or a few layers of matte black film.

  The real anti-peep film adopts the principle of “blinds” for imported advanced technology. That is, when we first use it, we will feel the screen has a slash, which is correct. Generally, after one to three days of application, you will not be able to see him, and this is an adaptation process.

  Having a good anti-peep film is not only the protection of the screen, but also the protection of our privacy and security. YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED specializes in anti-spy film development and production for 10 years. All materials are imported from Japan. The company adheres to the philosophy of “focus on professionalism, target aggregation, quality first, continuous innovation” and is determined to protect everyone's privacy.

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