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The best mobile phone tempered glass film in 2019

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-05-21 09:12:48

  Everyone may had a similar experience, that is, the phone is broken, the screen is broken, but it can be used, that is to say, its outer film is broken, but the inner screen is still good, in order to prevent this, you can paste a tempered glass film on your phone. The outside tempered glass is broken, but the screen of mobile phone inside is good.A few dollars of tempered film can make your phone look like new, which greatly enhances the feeling of happiness.

  The essence of the tempered film is treated glass, the composition of which is silica, which has been relatively hard in nature. In addition, the gems and the like are stronger than its hardness, and the general thing is difficult to scratch it. It can effectively prevent the screen from being worn and scratched, and avoid the "contamination" of fingerprint dust. Especially for some people with careless, they often put the phone keys together, so I suggest you can put a tempered glass.

  Smartphones, iPads, computers and other screens have specular reflections, which have a strong stimulating effect on the eyes, and the eyeballs should exert greater adjustment power. Especially when using a smartphone in the sun, the phenomenon of reflection and glare is particularly serious. YIPI's anti-glare mobile phone tempered film adopts fine anti-glare technology to reduce strong light reflection, diffuse strong glare through diffuse reflection, reduce glare reflected light to eye irritation, relieve symptoms such as dizziness, eyelids and blurred vision. , thereby reducing the damage to the eyes.

  The general tempered film uses soda-lime glass, which is easy to process, but is inferior to high-alumina glass in hardness flexibility and thermal shock resistance. YIPI mobile phone tempered film, using high-alumina silicon glass, good flexibility, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, explosion-proof, bullet-proof, good pressure and impact resistance, high transmittance, and 8 times the strength of ordinary nano-calcium glass. YIPI is a mobile phone protective film manufacturer, please contact us.

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