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YIPI's anti-blue film solves your eyes concerns

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  Nowadays, most office workers need to work on the computer all day, and sometimes even need to work overtime and stay up late, so that it takes more than 8 hours to face the computer. However, long-term exposure to the computer can cause eye health problems such as eye strain, dryness, soreness, pain, and retinal dysfunction, which are caused by using the computer for a long time or at the wrong time. In order to solve your concerns about eye health, it is recommended to attach a YIPI-branded anti-blue film on your computer monitor .

  Unlike ordinary screen protectors, this anti-blue film is made of nano-lamellar optical film material. In addition to blocking the screen blue effect of up to 30%, it can maintain more than 90% transmittance. At the same time, this computer monitor anti-blue film also maximizes the original color display of the screen. In addition to white-collar office computers, computers that use the teaching system of the school should also be affixed with such a display anti-blue film, which has been precautionary to reduce the damage of blue light to students' eyes.

  For the anti-blue film of computer monitors, in addition to the effect of anti-blue light eye protection, the protective film is not the first factor to consider. The pasted environment and the clean screen of the monitor may cause the sticking to be difficult, such as bubbles on the film and flatness. The high-performance silicone adsorption coating on the computer monitor anti-blue film attachment surface ensures good venting performance, reduces the difficulty of fitting, and does not have to worry about the appearance of bubbles. If the sticker is not attached for the first time, it can be carefully peeled off repeatedly, but it is necessary to ensure that the adhesive surface does not stick to small particles such as dust.

  Nowadays, many TVs provide eye protection mode at the system level, but after the screen is turned on, the screen is heavily color cast, which greatly affects the viewing experience. It can be seen for a short time. If the time is long, the eyes can't stand it. The eye protection mode only reduces some blue light through the color training. In essence, it does not reduce the generation of harmful blue light, and this process will also cause distortion and yellowing of the picture. Even long-term viewing may even increase the burden on the eyes, so it is not worth recommending.

  Vision is the guarantee of a person's health. A healthy person has a pair of bright eyes. In the daily life, the world's flowers are fascinating. Many people have said that they have to travel all over the world to see the beauty of the mountains and rivers. If they wear glasses every day, they will have more troubles out of thin air, affecting the mood and mood of our browsing landscape. So in order to protect your eyes, please contact us as soon as possible.

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