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Things we need to know when buying anti-blue film

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  When it comes to products that can be used to protect the eyes from blue light, we must understand the ins and outs of the products we buy. You must know how the product works and whether the product works properly. Today, Xiaobian introduces to us what we need to know when buying anti-blue film.

  Type of anti-blue light products

  We have a wide range of optional anti-blue products on the market. There is a physical screen that can be connected to the display or a blue light film that sticks to the screen of the phone, which can block blue light glasses and anti-blue light programs.

  Block blue light capacity

  The amount of blue light that can be successfully blocked depends entirely on the individual product. Some anti-blue products block up to 65% of blue light, while the new anti-blue film blocks 98% of blue light from entering your eyes. So when buying, we have to look carefully at the information provided by the manufacturer.

  Compatible model

  Some anti-blue films are only available for certain models of some devices. For example, you can't use the iPhone 8 screen protector on a Motorola phone, and vice versa. So before you have to make sure that the screen protector is compatible with your digital device before you buy it.

  Anti-blue film RGB leveling

  RGB stands for red, green, and blue, and is a system that represents all colors that can be used on a computer monitor. When we look at the blue filter, we must understand that they do remove one of the electromagnetic waves that make up our visible spectrum, which means that the amount of blue is greatly reduced.

  Anti-blue film color

  The color of each Blu-ray screen filter can vary greatly. Some of them are clear, some are yellow, some are orange, and some are red. Many clear products are opposed to their functions because of their practicality. For example, wearing a pair of transparent glasses is more likely than wearing red glasses.Each color is slightly different from the next color. The yellow filter lets you see a lot of natural colors below the filter, but it doesn't eliminate a lot of blue light. However, the orange filter will prevent you from seeing many of the natural colors below, but it will prevent a lot of blue light from reaching your eyes.

  Anti-blue film common problem

  Is the anti-blue protective film effective?

  Protects your eyes from any blue light from digital sources. The Blu-ray protection film makes your screen look orange in color while blocking blue light from passing through it. Some clear blue filters are available, but they don't work well.

  What are the blue light hazards?

  Blu-ray is something everyone should consider. By removing most of the blue light we expose every day, we can ensure that our eyes stay healthy. Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause many different problems, including eye fatigue, fatigue, lack of motivation, degenerative eye conditions, and even the inability to fall asleep.

  What is the anti-blue film on the laptop?

  The best way to filter blue light on a laptop is to use an acrylic anti-blue film. Screen protectors designed to block blue light are typically sandwiched at the top of the screen, usually made of acrylic. This acrylic resin usually has a special coating, one of which ensures that it can prevent any blue light from the laptop from reaching your eyes.

  How do you test the effect of anti-blue film?

  Anti-blue films are very important because they provide us with protective benefits. But how do you know if your Blu-ray filter is really effective? Some retailers will be happy to sell you a product that you don't have. You can use the electromagnetic spectrum bar online to make sure your blue filter is working properly, we recommend that you check any anti-blue light products.

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