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 When do you need a privacy screen protector?

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-04-28 14:04:32

  No matter what stage we are in, we all have our own privacy and want to be protected; but the reality is that voyeurs are everywhere. Let us give you a list of when we need a privacy screen protector!

  1. When we process some confidential documents, such as our bids, our product prices, customer information, etc., we need a privacy screen protector.

  2. After a few hours of intense work, if you want to relax in a comedy movie, or look at your favorite novels and play your favorite games, we need privacy screen protector.

  3. As the company's finances, both the boss and the owner must be absolutely confidential about the data, and can't be seen by others. At this time, we need a privacy screen protector.

  4. On the way to and from work, whether on the bus or on the way to the subway, we are always boring to send this by chatting with others or watching our travel commemorative photo album, or watching an album that records interesting things in our lives. The boring time, when we are surrounded by people everywhere, the chat information will be unintentionally seen by others, so we need a mobile phone privacy screen protector.

  5. For myself, I am used to going out without cash, so whether I buy clothes with my friends in the mall, or buy a bottle of water in a small supermarket when I am thirsty, or buy food at the market, eat at the restaurant, etc. I am used to paying for my mobile phone. At this time, we urgently need to install a privacy screen protector on our mobile phone.

  6. When we have a long queue and withdraw money from a bank or ATM, we need to find ways to prevent others from snooping into our account password or account amount, blocking it by hand, or asking the companion to act as a shield every time. ATM machine front or other methods. In fact, you only need to install a privacy screen protector on the ATM screen.

  The YIPI anti-peep protective film manufacturer is made of imported materials from Japan. We can customize privacy screen protector of various sizes according to customers' needs. If you need, please contact us: [email protected]

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How does the privacy screen protector work?

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