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Widely acclaimed monitor privacy filter brand in 2019

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  The monitor is one of the most important components of a computer, providing users with a variety of visual images, data, video and more. Because the display is so important, we need to protect it from outsiders when we use it. Computer monitor privacy filter not only has the function of protecting privacy, but also has other extra effects for different anti-spy films. Today, the editor introduces you to the brand of 8  monitor privacy filter in 2019.

  1. 3M monitor privacy filter

  The 3M computer anti-spy film is a very thin film that prevents visual hacking. With a powerful combination of optical science and originality, no one can see what's on your display without your permission. The 3M privacy film uses miniature blinds technology to prevent users from seeing screen information outside of a 60 degree viewing angle.


  Universally compatible


  Light weight

  Frameless, lightweight, black and thin design

  Matte and glossy finishes are available

  High definition image

  2. Akamai monitor privacy filter

  The Akamai computer anti-spy film uses eight layers of film, which ensures a high level of privacy and many other benefits. It protects the eyes from harmful UV rays up to 97%, and it also blocks 70% of high-energy short-wave blue light.


  8-layer film

  Highly preventive

  Filter blue light up to 70% and about 97% UV

  Complete range of sizes

  3. Privox monitor privacy filter

  The Privox computer anti-spy film has a 7-layer film with a 60-degree viewing angle. Anyone sitting outside this specific range will only see the black screen, which can effectively prevent others from prying. At the same time, it can effectively block the eye fatigue caused by short-wave blue light and ultraviolet light.


  Effective barrier to reduce harmful blue light

  Protect your eyes from UV rays

  7-layer film structure, good anti-peep effect

  Glossy and matte finishes

  4. VINTEZ Premium  monitor privacy filter

  Vintez computer anti-spy film is made of 7 layers of thin film with exquisite materials, which can provide good privacy protection, because its excellent quality has become a well-received product on the market. It reduces blue and UV damage to the eyes, and provides anti-glare and anti-scratch technology to protect the display screen.


  7-layer film

  Easy to install

  Effectively blocks 65% of blue light and 96% of ultraviolet light

  High transmittance, extremely high image of restored screen

  5. Devil monitor privacy filter

  Devil computer anti-spyware protects your important data and information from visual hackers. The product is highly cost-effective and has a number of other screen protection features in addition to protecting data from snooping. There are two options for installing a privacy patch: one is a sliding label and the other is a double-sided strip. For frameless screens, sticky strips can be used, while frames with frames should have tabs on both sides, making it easy to slide the computer's privacy film back and forth.


  Lightweight design, lightweight

  Easy to install

  Notebook and desktop screens are universal

  6. ViewSonic monitor privacy filter

  ViewSonic computer anti-spy films are available in a variety of sizes. Although this anti-spy film is a bit expensive, it provides you with high-quality privacy protection. With an ultra-high transmittance, the product also adds an anti-glare coating to prevent eye fatigue. The product is mainly used in government, education, health care and other institutions.


  The viewing angle is 60 degrees

  Anti-reflective and anti-glare surface

  Easy and quick to install


  Easy to use

  7. Priva monitor privacy filter

  The Priva computer anti-spy film provides good screen security, allowing users who are sitting within a 30-degree angle to see the screen. Users outside this range can only see the black screen, which protects your confidential data and information from vision. The impact of hackers. It has two different surfaces, one is matte and the other is glossy. The surface has an anti-reflective coating that reduces eye strain caused by the LCD screen.


  Protect the screen from fingerprints and scratches

  Easy to install and remove

  Matte and glossy finishes

  Suitable for touch screen displays and laptops

  8. YIPI monitor privacy filter

  The YIPI computer anti-spy film uses Japanese materials and advanced blinds technology to make the screen have a frontal 60-degree visual range, which is invisible from other angles, effectively protecting personal privacy and trade secrets. Manufacturers wholesale different types of different types of anti-spy film, black anti-spy film, gold anti-spy film, hanging anti-spy film, washing rubber anti-spy film, magnet anti-spy film, mobile phone anti-spy film and so on.


  Factory wholesale custom, cost-effective

  75% light transmittance, restore the clarity of the screen

  Super radiation and anti-glare

  5H hardness scratch-resistant waterproof

  Easy to install and easy to access

  Finally, the editor will introduce you to the basic points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a  monitor privacy filter.

  1. The shape of the display

  Since the display screen is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, it is necessary to view the shape of the display when selecting a computer anti-spy film. Computer monitors basically have two shapes, widescreen and standard. After understanding the shape of the display, you need to check the scale of the display. The ratio of general displays is 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (standard display).

  2. Size of the display

  After determining the exact shape, the next very important task is to measure the size of the display. The measuring instrument used measures the diagonal distance, length and width of the screen.

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