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Anti-blue light effect and the test report of computer anti-blue film

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  We want to evaluate whether a computer anti-blue film is useful. First of all, we need to understand what is blue light, what is called blue light hazard; in fact, many products on the market with anti-blue light, most of them can not prevent blue light, just a gimmick. Today, let's take a look at the anti-Blu-ray effect and effect from the computer anti-blue film test report.

  What is blue light?

  Blue light refers to light with a wavelength between 400nm and 500nm; before 400nm, it is violet (10nm to 400nm). Between 500nm and 760nm, the wavelengths are red, orange, yellow, green and blue, plus blue and violet. It consists of seven colors of light.

  What is blue light hazard?

  The definition of blue light hazard is: the true or potential damage of the retina caused by photochemical action caused by radiation after the radiation is mainly in the wavelength range of 400 nm to 500 nm.

  How to determine if a Blu-ray-resistant film is really anti-Blu-ray?

  To see the photopaste of this film on the computer screen, there should be an uncoated spectrum and a spectrogram with an anti-blue film.

  The following spectrum is for your reference.

  1. See if the wavelength of the barrier is between 400nm and 500nm, because the light in this interval is blue light, and not in this range can not be called blue light. The light before 400nm is purple light. Most products say that blocking blue light actually refers to the purple light area, which is useless.

  2. Look at the spectral curve: Is the peak of the high-energy short-wave blue region from 420 nm to 450 nm reduced? After the comparison, it is clear at a glance. This area reduction is effective. From the spectrogram of the screen, the high-energy short-wave blue light of the display screen is mostly distributed between 420nm and 450nm, and this peak is the highest.

  3. Look at the spectrum of other light waves except the blue wavelength. If the peaks of other wavelengths are also reduced due to the blue light drop, the screen transmittance will usually be affected and the color of the screen will be a little worse.

  In addition to the above three points is the standard judgment, there is a yellow screen after the anti-blue film is attached. If it looks yellowish, this film may have the effect of blocking blue light. This is because:

  1. According to the principle of color development, the anti-blue film absorbs blue light, and all of it exhibits its complementary color, yellow.

  2. According to the color rendering principle of RGB, the blue light is blocked, the red light and the green light are transmitted, and the red and green colors are yellow.

  Is the Blu-ray test pen and Blu-ray test card an effective means of evaluating the anti-Blu-ray effect?

  Most of them are ineffective, and the harmful blue light is distributed between 420 nm and 450 nm. This range is effective in reducing blue light. The light source of the blue light test pen is usually distributed between 380 nm and 400 nm, that is, ultraviolet light. This area is useless for the blocking of blue light; and the light-emitting wavelength of such test pens on the market can be customized in combination with the product, only to be Your own products are beneficial and can be blocked.

  If you want to see if the test of this blue pen is reliable, first of all, you need to know the spectrum of the light emitted by the blue test pen. Then let the light source of the blue test pen pass through the spectrum of the film or the lens to see if it has lowered the blue light by 400 nm. A peak of 500 nm.

  Whether the anti-Blu-ray is effective or not, it is inseparable from professional instruments or qualified testing institutions to use professional instrument testing data according to professional standards.

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