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Blue light damage to the eyes and remedies

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  Computer has become an indispensable part of most people's lives, and it is a good helper for work and study. While computers bring convenience to our lives, radiation is also jeopardizing our health. Long-term faceing with the computer will make our eyes exhausted. For the sake of clear and bright eyes, pay attention to protect our eyes.

  The degree of harm of blue light to the eyes varies with age, 80% to 90% for 6-19 years old, 60% to 70% for 20-39 years old, and about 50% for 40-60 years old. Because children and adolescents are in the sensitive period of human visual system development, they are more vulnerable to high-energy blue light than adults. Parents need to strictly control the time their children use electronic products, and they should be protected by anti-blue light products. People of different ages have different tolerance to electronic products. According to the latest research results at home and abroad, children aged 0-2 should not use electronic digital products. Children under 2-6 years of age should not use each time. More than 20 minutes, a total of no more than 1 hour a day is appropriate.

  In order to make children's vision less harmful to blue light, parents should take action. Children are strictly required the times to use electronic products. At the same time, parents should also be exemplary and take the lead. Don't make the child's vision health suffer from the mistaken demonstration of the child. At the same time, children should also be actively arranged to exercise outside the school, such as: badminton. Not only does the child's body get exercised, but it also protects the child's vision.

  Anti-Blu-ray advice

  1. If you work regularly, just normal learning work, anti-Blu-ray is not necessary.

  2, long-term work on electronic products or stay up all night, in addition to anti-blue light products, you also need to pay attention to their own eye health.

  3, some anti-blue light products will affect the color perception, if it is a painter, art and other related practitioners are not recommended.

  How office workers can prevent blue light

  1. Prevent a pot of green plants from being next to the computer: cactus, green radish and other green plants suitable for indoors. On the one hand, you can absorb the radiation from the computer, on the other hand, you can purify the air. On the desk, the computer is next to the basin. A green plant can absorb part of the blue radiation and relieve visual fatigue.

  2, with the combination of eye work and rest, appropriate expectations: office workers must develop good eye habits, pay attention to work and rest. If you don't have half an hour or an hour, you should move your eyes off the computer screen and look at the distance. This can also effectively reduce the damage of blue light to the eyes.

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