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  What is blue light?



  Each color in the visible spectrum is represented by light of a different wavelength, and blue light is a high frequency component of the spectrum and is an energy having a wavelength of 380 nm to 500 nm. From fluorescent lights to LED computer screens, including the phones you use every day, you can see blue light. Blue light has been found to be important for alertness, memory and cognitive function. But as we move toward energy-efficient LED bulbs, the screen time of various smart devices grows, and the eyes become more exciting than ever.


  Many electronic devices (televisions, computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets) use LED backlighting to improve screen clarity and brightness, which can cause concern for most people because blue light can penetrate all the way to the retina of the eye. It is believed that this may cause damage such as macular degeneration, resulting in blurred vision.


  At the same time, studies have shown that blue light destroys our sleep patterns by causing large changes in circadian rhythms and greater inhibition of melatonin. Because of its stimulation, it will become more difficult for us to fall asleep.


  The eye is one of the most sensitive and important parts of the body. If we do not do our best to protect them, the result will eventually lead to a series of serious chronic eye and vision problems. Imagine if your life couldn't see anything, it was terrible.


  Is the blue light filter useful?



  In this era, almost everyone owns a cell phone or a computer and spends hours staring at the computer screen every day. In the long run, protecting your eyes is essential. In order to avoid eye fatigue, difficulty in focusing, blurred vision, headache, and even worsening age-related macular degeneration, what should we do! Blue light filter protective film can help us better protect our eyes.


  The anti-radiation layer of the blue light filter film eliminates almost all UV rays that are reflected from the screen to your eyes, reducing computer vision syndrome. The anti-blue material layer can effectively block the harmful short-wave high-energy blue light from 420nm to 480nm and protect both eyes. In order to be able to see all the beautiful things in the world in a few decades, we will try our best to protect our eyes from now on!

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