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Does the phone protective film hurt your eyes?

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  The topic of not attaching a mobile phone to a film seems to have been inconclusive, supporting the foil and the users who like bare metal. However, the more consistent view is that the mobile phone does not stick to the film, it needs to be selected according to the user's habits: the current smart phone update is so frequent, if your life and work environment is relatively simple, you don't need a film; but if you look at the phone Very precious, and long-term exposure to the outdoor environment, it is better to stick a protective film.

  Recently, some media claimed that the mobile phone film will refract light from the screen of the mobile phone, which will increase visual fatigue. In particular, the mobile phone film has a lot of scratches, which is more harmful to eye health, and it is easy for the user to have symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision. However, according to the authoritative ophthalmologist's explanation, the mobile phone film does not affect vision. The main reason for affecting vision is to use the mobile phone for “long-term close-up use of the eye”. This harm to eye health is far more than reading a computer and reading at a close distance. And writing is much bigger!

  Mobile phone film will definitely reduce the transparency of the screen, whether it is 98% tempered film, or 93% high-definition film, plus some film quality is not good, scratches will occur after use, which will further lead to Light transmission is reduced. Even the best film transmittance can not fully reach 100%, the current highest transmittance is optical glass, its light transmittance is only about 97%, and PET film, light transmission can generally reach 90%, Some HD film transmittances can reach 95%. Since the mobile phone film is less than 100%, it will definitely reduce the display effect of the mobile phone screen, which will affect the eyesight.

  Inferior mobile phone film is easy to refract light on the screen of the mobile phone, especially when it is outdoors, the screen illumination is insufficient, and it is more difficult to clearly see the font. Therefore, the ciliary muscle is often in a state of tension, and the lens continues to maintain a large convexity. The eyes are easily exhausted because of over-regulation. Over time, it will form or aggravate myopia.

  A film that is not high in light transmittance has little effect on the eyes. The hazard to the eye can not only depend on the light transmittance of the film. Under the condition that the light transmittance of the film is more than 80%, the main factor affecting the eye depends on the uniformity of the transmitted light, and the more straight and uniform the line, the shot After entering the eye, the damage to the eyes is smaller. Ripples with large undulations and uneven lines will hurt your eyes.

  The following can be used to alleviate the damage of the phone protective film to the eyes.

  1. Many mobile phone film packaging will be marked with "light transmission rate of 99%", but experiments have proved that this number is deceiving consumers. Because the optical glass with the highest light transmittance has a light transmittance of about 97%, the mobile phone protective film can reach the light transmittance of the optical glass at all, so that the "light transmittance is 99%" is not achieved. When you see a mobile phone film with a light transmittance of 97% or more on the package, don't buy it. This number is fake.

  2. If the film has scratches, it should be replaced quickly; one of the reasons why the mobile phone film hurts the eyes is because the long-term use of the mobile phone film has more scratches, which affects the light transmittance and causes visual fatigue, so it is often necessary to reduce the damage of the mobile phone film to the eyes. Replace the film on your phone to prevent eye strain caused by too many scratches and increase myopia.

  3. If there is air bubble on the film, re-stick it; because the bubbles on the mobile phone film can't see the words or patterns displayed on the screen, and the eyes will not be lost, so there are bubbles on the mobile phone film to be re-applied once to avoid visual fatigue.

  4, luminous film do not buy; now the popular night light mobile phone film on the skin damage is not small, because many luminous mobile phone film is actually adding phosphor on the ordinary film, luminous film generally does not contain radioactive substances, but mixed with fluorescent Powder, when using the luminous film is generally close to the human respiratory tract, easy to inhale, long-term exposure is harmful to the skin and the human body.

  Although the mobile phone film protects the mobile phone, it reduces the clarity of the screen, and may cause dizziness, dazzling, blurred vision, etc. to the "owner", and should be treated with care. But the benefits of the film are also obvious, the screen is covered with a protective layer, even if the sand is a relatively hard material, the scratch is also on the film, and it is a big deal. This kind of benefit is actually a little more than the shortcomings of hurting vision.

  At present, the phone protective film on the market mainly has two kinds of PET material and tempered glass material. PET material is the most common material film on the market. PET is a copolymer of polyester. It has the characteristics of high hardness, high transparency and high temperature resistance. The adhesive surface can be glued or has static electricity. Good light transmission, can be repeatedly pasted after peeling off, the film will not leave residual glue, and there will be no bubble problem

  So good phone protective film can protect eyesight? What kind of mobile phone film can protect eyesight? In fact, some mobile phone film can protect eyesight. Such as anti-blue film. It is reported that devices such as smartphones and tablets usually use LED lighting, and the blue light they emit may inhibit the production of melatonin that helps people fall asleep. Using an anti-Blu-ray mobile phone film that protects the retina, it can filter out the interference of scattered short light waves emitted from the screen of the mobile phone, so that the lutein in the macular area of ​​the retina is protected from blue light, thus protecting the retina.

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